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37 and feeling as I am 97!

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  • October 27, 2009
  • 06:57 PM

I will make this as short because it's an everyday battle for me and my family. I have always been a very active healthy young man until 3/18/2004. I was involved in a very bad auto accident were I was sitting in the passengers seat of a rear-ended collision. I was in the car that was sitting at a stop light when another vehicle struck us at a speed of 60-mph. That being told is how my life took a terrible change. I didn't have any broken bones, just severe bruising and soft tissue damage they said. I was released with directions to immediately follow up w/my doctor. The next day I couldn't move! My family physician sent me for my 1st of many MRI's. They found a central radial tear and annular bulge with central stenosis,foraminal stenosis and nerve root damage. My doctor prescribed pain meds and told me that I we would keep a close watch on any other symptoms. I was still in chronic pain a year later, so the next MRI showed much more damage to all my lower lumbar w/fractures,nerve root damage,herniated discs,foraminal stenosis,foraminal narrowing,disc detereation. I just wanted to give you an idea of what has been going on year after year and 10 different doctors,specialists,physical therapy,chriropactor,medical hypnosis,and now as I try to get through this my conditions are as follows; 1.) Mid to lower severe back pain radiating to my buttocks. 2.) Numbness in buttocks and tingling down right leg with pain under my knee leading to my right foot that will go completely numb 3.) Having pain to were I cant stand while I urinate 4.) Major depression has taken over my life to were I feel hopeless & I try to make myself get out and see my family that all my life Ive never been without seeing them and spending time and holidays,,now i just cant make myself 5.) They recently just done complete blood labs on me and I'm a 37 year old male and my Testosterone level was 30' thats right 30! I was told there was some females with higher testosterone levels,so im getting injections to get it up in the upper 600's! 6.) My anxiety levels are sky high along with my pain so I take xanax to sleep but I never can sleep more than a few hours because I get woke up with chronic pain in my middle of my back to my lower back to my butt and then leg! Im Freaking out, as I am still in my 30's and feel as im 90! It has gotten so bad year after year to were I am not able to work anymore at all! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME! I HAVE A FAMILY & MY DAUGHTER IS STILL YOUNG ENOUGH TO WERE I MIGHT BE ABLE TO ENJOY SOME OF HER LIFE WITH HER! IM STILL WAITING ON THE DISABILITY BOARD TO APPROVE ME AS MY LAWYER TELLS ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT? THATS WEIRD, I LOST A 45k year job & my mortgage people are on their last breath with my family! IF anyone has any suggestions to what kind of disease I may have I PLEAD WITH YOU TO LET ME KNOW! I LIVE IN INDIANA AND THEY ARE CLUELESS IN THIS TOWN!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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