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  • Muscle pain in legs, burning in right thigh

    Anonymous 9 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions July 1, 2006 10:03 AM

    I had bilateral hernia repair on July 26, 2005. Since then I am experincing severe pain mostly the top of my right thigh and moderate pain in the inner thigh. The night before last, June 29, 2006, I was awoken by burning pain just above the knee. It was like someone poured acid on them. At the...

  • Pain in Elbow - Tennis Elbow

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 27, 2006 07:24 AM

    I just posted one undiagnosed topic and I'm going to post on another.About a year ago I had extremely bad pain on the inside of my elbow. This lasted for several weeks but the doctor couldn't find a cause of it. It hurt so badly that I couldn't sleep at night and was taking pain killers.One day...

  • Tendinitis treatment...

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 22, 2006 08:36 PM

    Hi everyone!As we all know tendinitis is a big problem, but here we offer new solutions. Visit our website to find out about this very effective treatment. http://absolutept.com/tendinitispage.htm

  • Edema in lower leg

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 20, 2006 08:04 PM

    Hi,I hope someone can give me some information.I somehow smacked the heck out of my shin back in mid April on the edge of a bucket full of water. It hurt pretty bad, and I had a large bruise but I could walk on it ok so I figured it was just bruised. But the bruise never went away, and about a...

  • Cannot seem to figure it out !

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 17, 2006 06:54 PM

    About 2 1/2 mths ago I started getting a dull pain between my shoulder blades. The pain kept increasing until I finally asked my physician about it after about a month. At that time she said I was fine. I have both Scoliosis and, Degenerative Disk Disease. The symptoms I am having don't seem to be...

  • treatment options

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 11, 2006 03:39 AM

    I have recently been diagnosed with dertmatomyositis after intially being told the rash I had was pityriasis lichenoides. This first diagnosis came with the advice that sun exposure may help the condition. Instead the sun was actually agravating it! I have no muscular symptoms just the nasty skin...

  • Joint Pain Disappeares in Thailand!?!?

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 6, 2006 08:45 PM

    About me: I am a 31 year old Certified Fitness Trainer/Competative Thai Kickboxer & Gym Owner...I have degrees in Business Admin and Poli Sci...Health and nutrition are my hobbies which I spend all waking time on. I have reoccuring pain caused by a previous minor injury to cartilage in my left...

  • What were you told about swelling?

    Anonymous 5 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 2, 2006 06:41 AM

    Hi folks,I'm trying to find what you have been told about your ankle swelling.Anyone out there to help? :D

  • Muscle twitches/spasms

    Anonymous 73 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions June 1, 2006 01:28 AM

    I recently started reading some online articles about muscle ticks, twitches, and/or spasms. I wasn't able to find anything that summarized what I experience in regards to muscle twitches, so I thought I'd discuss my issues here to see if I could get some feedback.I get muscle twitches almost...

  • Mctd

    Anonymous 89 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions May 17, 2006 06:33 PM

    I have recently been diagnosed with MCTD. I was wondering what successes anyone else might have had with the treatment of mctd. I have tried the anit-malarials without any luck.I currently take NSAIDs to control swelling and pain in my hands and feet, but nothing I have done is making my symptoms...

  • I have it

    Anonymous 14 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions May 16, 2006 04:09 PM

    Hi, I have this. I was diagnosed 2 years ago after being hospitalized. i've been having episodes for more than 10 years and they have gotten worse over the years in that my muscles dont work well after an episode. lets chat.

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  • Hip pain and irregular lab results

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions May 4, 2006 04:11 PM

    I was wondering if anyone has any info about certain blood levels being out of normal range in people with CMT. I also am having terrible hip and shooting leg pains that doctors have not been able to find a cause for. I was wondering if these symptoms were common of anyone else afflicted with CMT.

  • Could chiropractor visits be causing this

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Muscle conditions April 21, 2006 10:38 PM

    I have recently started getting spasms in my eye lid making it impossible to open/close it while it is happening. It only happens when I yawn and it started after my last visit. I'm not due to go back for 3 weeks but now I'm wondering if that may be the cause. I hate to go to my GP and get...