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Constant pain and my doctor says deal with it

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  • Posted By: nicholecherokee
  • March 24, 2010
  • 07:00 AM

I remember having back pain since I was about two.
Laying in the hot dirt pile in my yard was the
only thing that helped then.I have had constant
hip and back since childhood.I am a 40 year
old female today.The pain in my hips is like my
bones are grinding together.Sometimes stiffness,and
always like someone is ripping my legs straight
up at my sides and tearing them off at the hip joints.
I lean to one side or the other constantly to try
to stretch my hips out to ease the pain.
I have shooting pains from my hips to the tips of
my toes.My legs ache all night like a painful
numbing feeling.My lower back is always stiff.
I find myself twisting my torso to ease the stiffness.
Bending or stooping over seems to be the only
thing that eases the pain.The pain in my lower back has
progressed to the middle of my back in the past
10 years.The past few years this area is in extreme
pain,non-stop 24 hours a day.It feels like someone
is reaching into the center of my spine and ripping
a piece out.I'm completely out of breath when this
happens.It's always been hard to breath(I often feel
like I'm suffocating),but my oxygen level has been
tested and it's fine.The past few years my neck
and both shoulders (I broke my left one in 1998)
have gotten very stiff.It's getting harder to bend
my head up,down,and side-to-side,but I'm so stiff
I have to.Hot showers help some.Anything cold makes
the pain worse.I'm in more pain when I first wake
up and at night when I try to relax for the night.
I have other symptoms,like knee pain and swelling;
feels mushy like silicone or pudding in my knee.My elbows
do the same thing.The swelling only occurs every
few months.One of my eyes will swell and become painful
and irritated.I get a painful tightening in the area
of my diaphram.I constantly have diarrhea.I'm getting
quite forgetful.I don't know if any of these are related.
Problem is,my doctor tells me these are all normal pains
and I should just deal with it.I requested to see a
Rheumatologist(after reading about Ankylosing
Spondylitis).He tells my I need a Neurologist
(my referral is pending).I'm currently looking for another doctor.
Any recommendations on who to see?

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