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muscle fasciculation and atrophy

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 2, 2016
  • 01:47 PM

it's been a weird domino effect since the 23rd, i was admitted into the er for shortness of breath and tingling in hands and legs, it crept up to my arms and thighs, the next day it the tingling turned into fasciculation-- which has happened for the last few days but has sort of chilled out now, but NOW my arms and legs have undergone atrophy, they are not as they were 2 weeks ago, waking up today felt like a horrible chore and i wanted to collapse back into bed and sleep. i don't go back into the doc office until friday, he has ordered me to detox and take anxiety meds. i've had anxiety for a few years now, but it never took this sort of physical toll on me before. i also have joint pain in my hands and wrists a lot.

also, when i went to the er, it was right after i had tried to save some forgotten laundry in the washer, i used about 3 things of vinegar and some baking soda and hot water to try and save it, i breathed in a lot of fumes, and used my hands to stir quite a bit, but on the first er visit they did a metabolic panel, which came up clean-- along with a chest xray. they injected me with atavan, but that didn't remedy the pulsating in my hands and feet-- along with abdominal pulsing

i went to the ER again on the 25th cause i felt like i couldn't breathe again and still had an abdominal pulse, this time they took an ekg of my heart, more blood, and urine-- they said everything was fine and that i was under a lot of stress.

my parents came and picked me up from north carolina and took me down here to florida on the 26th to help take care of me. for a couple days i didn't see their family care doctor, just doing bedrest and eating right, but the fasciculations in my thighs reached up now to my groin and i made such a fuss my mom finally took me on the 29th.

the primary care doc took my blood and urine, had me squeeze his hands, ordered me a 3 day detox and gave me busprirone.

my family is tired of me saying that there's something wrong, that it's all in my head, that the atrohpy is happening because i haven't been active for over a month (i didn't go to work due to being sick with chronic bronchitis) and that this is all in my head, that i'm making everything worse by panicking.

the abdominal pulse has gone away, i have what feels like could be IBS, but geez i just want to know what the heck this could be! i want solid answers! yes, i am a hypochondriac and have anxiety and time to time panic attacks, but none of that has ever had a toll on me that has amounted to this before. could it be exposure to mold/mildew? chemical poisoning? organ failure? kidney disease? neuro stuff?

my hands feel more normal today... but my arms feel shot, and my legs are like jelly and i can eel minor fasciculation in my back thighs now... it's receded.. but now i have no muscle.

what are the right questions to ask my doctor on friday, requests for tests, and procedures to take?

i would be forever grateful for answers <3

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