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  • December 17, 2009
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I am trying to figure this out, I have been given the full std work up and I have been tested for herpes1/2 and all of my test came back negative except the specific igg select for hsv 1 which was 3.65.. meaning that i have cold sores , which I do. I have been struggling with jock itch , then what i felt were the onset of hsv 2, I started out with jock itch but I was having symptoms more than 6 months ago, I also started feeling funny in my penis around then and I start having a slight burning, which did dont burn the entire time i was peeing but slightly and i felt pain and pressure in my testicles and penis which would switch sides. this was followed with pain in my crotch, as well as my flank and but. I went back to the doctor and he exmined me and told me tht i still had jock itch and that the first round of test did not detect any stds. He thought that i may have prostratis, he puts me on a week of cipro and i improve slightly but now I am noticing a clear discharge. and I tell him and he thinks that it is prostrate fluid or pre semen. I am 2 months in to this jock itch and i tell him i have a pimple on my but and he examines it and says ..."it is a pimple" we go back and do another orund of testing and to my dismay i am checking to see when the test results are back. I am waiting.. mean while I am starting to experience leg pain and hot flashes across my back and pain that alternates through out my body. I am thinking that i have been exposed to the hsv 2 cause a past partner I had has it and we had slept together once with out a condom. I begin to slowly unravel and he puts me on paxil.. which i seem to be getting shocks through out my body. the tests come back and there is not ani bodies detected in the IGM and the igg hsv 2 is .016..of which he says that this is comprehensive and that i do not have it. and that I need to see a urologist cause he cannot find anything.. He puts me on xanax for the anxiety attacks that he believes is affecting me. I am still having a slight burning in my crotch area with pain in my lower back and pain in my legs. I then go back cause i think that I have bumps around my anus and Ihave imexaine an he tells me that there is no lesions, fissures, or pimples or blisters. I tell him that i am still experiencing pain in my penis at the top slightly and more when i ejaculate. I tell him that when i go to take a dump I feel terrible pressure in my penis and pelvis and that i still have pain. he perscribes flagyl and fluconazole which in my 2nd week, i start feel normal in my penis but i am still having pain in my pelvic, I wa experiencing a slight burning but no itching. which would go away after i cleaned the area and put metronicozole on it. I then get lower back pain and a pimple with a smaller one next to it. my girl tells me that the top of my butt crack looks scaly. she pops the pimple and says a core came out of it , that i need to put more of the cream there. I do and te itching stops. now I am experiencing joint pain in my arm with a mild burning sensation across my back which feels like a ht flash. I have been having diarhea and seriously watery stools that make clound water when i look back. I was itching on my penis and i thought that i was having a an OB but nothing came out. I have had no discharge, no fever but I did have a cold sore pop out on my face. I have not had any lesions, water pus filled pimples . i have had a pimple on the butt(1) back(1) but never any clusters, when I thought I had something on my shaft. it had been there for 4 plus months and had not moved. but i still struggle with the jock itch. what i am reading is that the jock itch can happen in Immuno-compromised individuals and that the IGM test is worthless even though it is supposed to detect HSV anti bodies in new infections, but I still itch, have pelvic and hip pain. No fever or swollen nodes.. but I am so terrified that I have been holed up in the house. i called my doctore and he is like you are good but you need to see a urologist cause he believes it is prostratis and anxiety. He thinks that my diet is to blame but I know that some diagnosises can be wrong and that I could be missing something. I also saw another health provider who told me that I have jock itch as well and that he gave me an anti fungal which I did not take in the way iwas supposed to take. my mom is a nurse and she lso said itwas jock itch and that I am experiencing anxiety, but I do not feel NORMAL what can this be?

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