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I can't find a straight forward answer please help

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  • Posted By: Spaceboy
  • November 26, 2010
  • 03:59 PM

I am 22 yrs old, I'm an A. L. leukemia surviver. Imuncircumcised and haven't participated in any sexual activities since my problem. About 3 months ago I engaged in unprotected sex with my ex, and about a week later I noticed one the little white follicles around the crown base of my penis was more noticeable on the left side. it bugged me so i picked at it abit trying to pull it off a week later it started to randomly itch for just a moment but really bad. I went to a clinic with my partner at that time. I told the doc about the research I had done and what I thought it was , a fungal infection. my partner and I were clear of STDs and she said it looked like I have a fungal infection. I never got a definitive answer the doctor didn't see the blemishes she said "you know your body better than I would, so you'd know if somethings wrong". she gave me a female topical cream (clmyidyne or something) it worked for awhile I used it for about 2 weeks as I was instructed. it came back slowly as raised flat numb/painless pale purple/gray-white sometimes dry flakey blister like lesions on either side of the head of my penis at the crown that do not pop I've tried it didn't bleed either. though I didn't aggressively attempt to squeeze it. It continued to itch especially after touching on the area. there's no discharge of any kind also no burning while urinating or ejaculating Now and then tiny rash feelin bumps appear in the middle of the head. made it tender buthavent seen it break out like that since. I noticed a Raised bump on the base today.it doesnt hurt. The only problem area is my foreskin with little red bumps and the bigger ones on the crown. I can't find an STD or STI that fits my symptoms, i spent hours researching everything. this problem is hurting my social life it's embarrassing . Please tell me it's nothing serious alot of the symptom are similiar for most of them. Thank you for your time. And one final thing the purple blister on the right is in the shape of a 3 parallel to the base of the head i don't know if shape matters.

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