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Infectious arthritis/reactive arthritis

Posted In: Arthritis Anonymous | December 26, 2016 | 04:54 PM

During a simple surgery at age 16 ...a doctor left part of a tool in my sons shoulder during a rotator cuff surgery -the body formed a cyst around the tool and over 18 months it became full of streptococcal bacteria ,as discovered by a second surgeon and removed. His spleen was enlarged and his blood work showed that his streptococcal bacteria titers we're almost 7000,(no other organs were affected and his streptococcal numbers are down now to 300 )-after the foreign body was removed, his body went into a RA response. His top doctors could do nothing else but put him on Embrel shots,methyotrexate, Prednisone, monthly Bicilin ( antibiotic )shots and Vicodin. We had our son tested for mycoplasma -which was very high ,doctor reduced that with oral antibiotics but we feel that possibly pain might be from a mycoplasma infection is in his joints?? The RA treatment has gone on for four years until he developed severe abdominal issues.. Cramping,nausea, loose stool etc. ...stomach was scoped twice and had colonoscopy - Hyda gall bladder scan /all negative .stomach issues have been diagnosed as Leaky gut... where as the diet has been adjusted to all natural -with some relief from daily vomiting...since this October,all medications have been stopped (weaned slowly off the prednisones in the summer & he weaned himself off of his low-dose Vicodin prescription. ) The pain in his jaw, hips, knees ,hand joints is almost unbearable -there is no synovitis or swelling in the joints that are painful -Dr does not "feel " arthritis in the joint -our son has suffered from age 16 to now 21 -our son is desperate to get rid of pain ...cannot function normally-cannot finish college -cannot play his college sport /in pain ..doesn't want to go back to painkillers & we don't know what to do next

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