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Medulla oblongata damage symptoms after surgery!

Posted In: Mood Disorders Anonymous | January 4, 2018 | 02:32 AM

My dad is having PsedoBulbar effect and other symptoms of medulla oblongata damage(referring MOD, in the rest of the post) after a hernia surgery. Anesthetist say he used epidural anesthesia. He is 70 years old. The surgery was done on 22 November 2017.

He was having pain in his back weeks after surgery and now the pain is gone- I see that this also relates to MOD! i.e. loss of sensation of pain.

He is also having 'similar behavior' every 30-45 seconds- 'touching people head and then their feet'- doing this to anyone around.

On some days, he did not talk at all. He was aggressive towards my mum some days back and hurt her.

He has started showing these strange behavior just some 10 days before! Actually, its here that we noticed this when we saw him walking in the rain on the road and not being able to return home!

After doing much research on the internet, I am suspecting SCI (spinal cord damage) during anesthesia.

Can anyone help towards a remedy, please!

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