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Perthes is a pain literally, but you dont have to let it hold you back.

Posted In: Hip conditions Anonymous | June 5, 2014 | 01:10 PM

I am 25 had perthes since 7. At 7 had a hip alteration used a piece of pelvic bone to repair. Gave me a 20yr limit and it has been 18 years. After the last 6 years in major pain due to the fact i didnt hold back i ran climbed jumped on the trampoline had a baby i broke all the rules and now its time to replace it. I found the Mcbride Orthopedic Hospital and they have been amazing to me so good to me. I signed up for surgery and took the pre op class and life will be so much better the pain will go away legs will be the same length, no its not a fix. It is a chance to give yourself many more normal years. Mcbride Ortho has lots of hospitals around the country theyve won awards and are owned by the physicians that work there and the costs are much lower due to this. Atleast dont givc up. My entire life Ive lived with bad bones major arthritis and now disk degenerative disease in my lower spine and I for one am ready for relief. If you can just get the replacement at a good hospital. Ceramics are more expensive and not worth it they shatter often. Im getting metal and im told i wont be bothered by it. Its not an arthritis fix but it will make your life so much better. Good luck I know too well your pains.

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