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Five months and counting with no diagnosis- please someone help, I’m scared.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 5, 2020
  • 10:52 PM

I’ll try to condense my situation as best as possible. I was ONLY dealing with High blood pressure before my health nightmare began in late November 2019. Early November: fostered kittens, scratches on arms legs, legs healed but arm scratches remained red after a week. Ten days later I noticed a pink blister on my right inner arm near the elbow. Not itchy and was filled with clear fluid. Eventually over the next few days, I had seven more develop on my arms, one on thigh. One wept for three days and they all seemed to respond only to antibacterial cream. Early December: three weeks after seeing the blisters, I went to the doctor bc the kitten scratches remained red and I had a new blister on my chest (the rest dried up). I was given Bactrim, had bad side effects after three days, then Clindamycin, which I had more severe side effects. Since all this occurred I have gone downhill. I have experienced the following: 12/19- tingling in hands/arms/legs, fatigue, dropping blood pressure, swollen lymph nodes, oral thrush, canker sores, burning And crawling ant sensation in arms.
1/2020 - Dry cough, trouble breathing, Inner vibrations, swollen lymph nodes, ear pain, acid reflux, burping, bloating, stools that disintegrate in the water. 2/2020 - same as January except for lymph nodes or ear pain.
A ramp up in symptoms from March 2030 to now - darker lips, burst eye blood vessels, purple under eyes, sinus congestion/pressure/pain, a sudden and continued increase of visible blue veins everywhere, severe gastrointestinal problems no matter what Rx given, shortness of breath, Stools dissolving upon water impact, dizziness, lightheadedness, palpitations (pounding heart), fatigue, pruny red palms and fingers that tingle, weak arms and legs, increased spider veins on ankles and legs, weight loss (23lbs and counting), Arm rash, joint pain, stronger inner vibrations, daily headaches and “empty head” feeling and most importantly low blood pressure. I went from 10mg lisinopril daily for 18 years to gradually dropping to the point no meds for weeks now bc it drops down to 103-113/69-80 P54-80. It seems since the end of February is when I took a turn for the worst and I worry my blood pressure will continue to drop. I’ve had so much blood work and urine testing done and everything comes back within normal established medical parameters. I’ve tested negative for Lyme, Cat scratch disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hyper/hypothyroidism, Scleroderma. Catscan, EKGs, holt monitor normal (a few skips on holt but nothing of concern). I just completed an Echo and stress test and awaiting results. I have an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and environmental allergies testing Scheduled. I will be meeting with endocrinologist soon. No answers after many dr appts, urgent care, and ER visits. I’m scared and afraid I will die before ever knowing why I’ve suddenly become ill since December 2019. Can anyone please help me? The doctors say it’s Anxiety lol.

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